November is giving up, and December is setting in

November 2013 is a long month.  Four complete weeks of frantic activity ending with a very laid back Thanksgiving meal.  I began thinking about what kind of spectacular Yule and Christmas we could do together, and I have a plan.

This week is planning.  Writing down everything that comes to mind when I think of Christmas activities.  Including Yule advent.  This Yule will be our 2nd official celebration.  Though, I will admit, last year’s Yule was very fun as well.  After writing everything down I came up with some key changes to our Advent.

Instead of the advent calendar being a story with a small gift and other such sundry, we are going to do an inspirational advent.  I found 26 quotes to read to our kids that I find valuable to life.  I will post each one daily here.

salt dough wreathFor our advent wreath, I will make a salt dough wreath that will hold tea lights. It will look something like this: At each lighting I will read something about the Goddess, the Holly King, the Oak King, or the Solstice holiday. I want it to be magickal in many ways. Then we will read our inspirational message, and hang it on our Christmas tree.

crispy-christmas-cottages-14260Afterwards we will do a craft of some sort. I plan to do a felt ornament everyday. But there are other traditional crafts we will do as well as felt ornaments, such as a gingerbread house. However, I found an inspirational idea of making a rice crispy “gingerbread” house instead. I think it may be more structurally sound, and less frustrating. I think it will be eaten as soon as they are done, because rice crispy treats are daddy’s favorite! The link to it is here:


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