Planning Away for Yule 2013


Last year our Yule was very simple.  Light twelve candles, read from Shanddaramon (…/the-twelve-days-of-yule.pdf), and go about our business of christmas.

A goal of mine is to find relevant poems, chants, articles, and inspiration for my children for our Yule specific advent.  Many already know the story of the Holly King ruling the ever increasingly dark world after the Summer solstice and when Yule arrives, the Oak King defeats the Holly King in battle, claiming the sun back for the lands once again. A wonderful version of this tale is found in the blog Thicket of a Witch:  Another version tells of the Goddess coming together with the God, and becoming pregnant at Beltane.  She ages, and when she is a crone, she gives birth to the God at Yule. or  Both stories are full of beautiful imagery sure to capture the attention of both the young and the old.

During my search for a book to read to our kids, there are few to choose from.  Sadly I have not found many Pagan stories for children in our public library.  I have submitted multiple requests for specific books on Amazon.  The kind I cannot afford.  Oh how I wish getting books into the library would be easier.  However the nice thing about technology is the ability to research what others have self published, and I found a gem here: which will do for two nights.  Another gem is here:  and I am sure this story will be repeated until my kids are blue in the face.

I found a wonderful version of how the snowflake came to be, as well as a few neat crafts:

What are you doing for Yule 2013?


4 thoughts on “Planning Away for Yule 2013

  1. Love the simplicity of lighting twelve candles with those sacred intentions from the ebook you shared. As an adult I’m thoroughly enjoying your posts with the hidden gems you mention. Love the imagery in the stories. Makes me think about writing some Goddess centered Yule stories. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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