Advent Candle Wreath Set Up

Yesterday I snagged a couple of the round pieces of cardboard that fit underneath a take home pizza, and my kids painted both dark green.  My intent was to turn both into the holders for the salt dough candle wreath.  But after looking at the circles, I decided that it would be better for me to paint a scene on the circles and then arrange candles around the top of it.   wpid-20131127_113747.jpg

So I started with a spiral, planning on making it a PERFECT spiral with a PERFECT ring of holly and berries intertwined.  Well…. perfect really is letting the kids look over, and letting them splatter paint it.  I have to let go of the idea of perfect and control in areas of my life.  I was mentored recently and pointed toward Dorothy Morrison‘s book Dancing the Goddess Incarnate… a book I hope to review during my down time… and an area in my life that I have been lacking is play, as in, all out making a mess, laughing, giggling, making a mess, and LOVING THE RESULTS.  I have to let go and love the results, no matter what my vision is.  So the final product was?


…and this…


Until we were finally done.


I then found another small piece of cardboard and had the kids paint them yellows and oranges.


They will become stars after they dry and we cut them out.  I think that using salt dough will create two problems.  First, if it gets bumped, bye-bye salt dough spiral.  Second, messy!  Third, if it gets dumped on the floor, while candles are lit… NIGHTMARE!  So I am going to glue the Ikea rose scented tealights to the picture, and if it gets dumped, a quick pick up and stomp will probably fix most of the issue.


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