First Day of December, Yule, or…. Whatever you want to call it

Our first day of Yule went well.  We opened with a discussion on what Yule is to Pagans and to our family.  Our children have noticed how holidays and birthdays always come around, just like how the Earth circles the Sun and the Moon circles the Earth. Then we took out a pinch of House Blessing herbs to put into our offering bowl to sprinkle into the yard later.  Then we learned what Mistletoe was, and why it is a symbol of the season and a gently way of why people kiss underneath it.  We then lit the candle with the blessing of “we light this candle to bless who we are,” and read the first inspirational message of the day: “The only handicap is a bad attitude,” and hung it on the Christmas tree.  I recited the poem found within the opening pages of Dorothy Morrison’s Everyday Sun Magick, as the kids were silent for a moment looking at the candle flame.  wpid-20131201_100145.jpg

I read the story of Yule from a Druid website, and we began our ornament creation.  Nothing says Christmas like a green tugboat.


What was your first day like?


3 thoughts on “First Day of December, Yule, or…. Whatever you want to call it

  1. Ah interesting! I’m going to do the 12 days of Yule starting on December 21st instead of starting today. I liked the idea of finished the 12 days with January 31st and bringing in the New Year (2014). I look forward to following along with your earlier celebration to see how it goes. We’re planning on just doing a meditative candle lighting focused on that day’s blessing at our main house altar on each of the 12 days. No kids in our house for crafts but I’ll be busy creating gifts for loved ones all month! 🙂

    • Crafting for family is always fun. One year grandpa got a new iPad, and I made him a padded sleeve for it to carry around in the airport. It ended up being a little too small, but grandma loved it for her Kindle Fire, so, she got it in the end. 🙂

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