The Fourth day slides in…

I am feeling so excited, the kids are focusing on what needs to be done, and are quieting down to do our Yule Ritual and craft with enthusiasm.

Story of the day: Yule: The Story of Mistletoe    A great story, but it has a rhyme scheme that threw me off a bit. It is somewhere between telling a dramatic story/saga around a fire and a poem. There were moments I was completely thrown off by the cadence of the story changing from one to the other. Maybe I am not cut out to tell Norse or Viking myths.

Inspirational Message of the day: If you are going to be weird, be confident about it.


Candle Blessing:  We bless who we are, what we have, where we live, and our home.

Craft: Our day took a slightly different turn, and we wrote Santa Letters, and tomorrow we will bake cookies for the neighbors and mail off Santa Letters.

And as promised, pictures from the last couple of days:

wpid-20131203_131702.jpg wpid-20131203_131740.jpg wpid-20131202_102853.jpg wpid-20131201_100119.jpg

Happy Yule Everyone!  What did you do today?


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