The Fifth Day is Done

We mailed the letters to Santa!  Yes, yes, they may be a little late, but the company may send an after Christmas card to us it we did not make the cut off for delivery.

Our inspirational message today:  You are strong when you know your weakness’, you are beautiful through your words and deeds, you are wise when you learn from your mistakes.

Our story: The Yule Fairies, by D.J. Conway

Candle Blessing: Today we ask blessings for who we are, what we have, where we live, our home, and to bless our creations.  Honestly, I am not sure what bless our creations are, I am hoping it means what we have crafted, or what I, as a mom, have birthed, or… hmmm, our endeavors?

Anyway, I am hip deep in creative thinking and magickal endeavors of my own, all of which are successful!  I am looking in to what it would take to get a STEM grant to continue a Science Fun Day through the year of 2014, but I am not sure about becoming a 501.3(c) non-profit.  I have a full-time job beyond schooling the kids at home, and I am not sure this is something that I could do.  I must pray on it.


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