The Sixth Day Draws to an End

This day was very busy, and fulfilling.  We bought and gave out the presents we promised to buy for children in need.  The kids were really proud of themselves, and I am very proud of them as well.  We visited the library, which sadly does not carry many Pagan books for kids.  I have made many recommendations, however, they only buy based on requests.  So I am persistent with how often I request certain books for the library collection.  I have had one success, which was Rupert’s Tales.  However, now that both books are a part of the county circulation, they are constantly checked out and wait listed.  How’s that for demand?

Candle Blessing: We bless who we are, what we have, where we live, our home, our endevors, and our health.

Inspirational Message: Courage is not measured by success, but by starting something new.



These were very easy to do.  Cut out a star from cardboard, and wrap yarn around them to hang from the Christmas Tree.  They are very toddler friendly, and we were done in 20 minutes.

Story: Twas the Night Before Yule  Now this poem made a lot of sense, was easy to read, and had a lot of imagery for the kids to visualize.


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