Ninth Day of Yule Tidings

Our story of the day is: The Longest Night

The Craft:  it was making snowflakes to put into the windows, but it snowed, so I improvised.  We played in snowflakes instead.  This may be our next craft:

Inspirational Message: Always expect something wonderful to happen.

Candle Blessing: Today we bless the our chance to grow and learn, the sacred cycles, our loved ones, our health, our endeavors, our home, where we live, what we have, and who we are

Now technically, Yule begins the day before the solstice, and ends 12 days later.  Within those days are feast days sacred to (if you are a druid/Asatru pagan) Norse Gods and Goddesses.   But our family has different roots and leanings, and we count down to the solstice, with a plan to welcome the sun on the morning after the longest night.  We usually have a potluck and a sacred ritual when the sun goes down, to ask the Goddess to assist with the return of the Sun, and in the morning, just before sunrise, our family has a sunrise welcoming vigil to see the sun return to us.

An interesting article was published by a Patheos blogger, which addresses a question of is Christmas and Yule Pagan or Christian?  I am of the opinion that while it was one, it became another, and now it can be both.  This is history folks, water under the bridge.  I don’t care to rub it into the face of a person I care for that they are actually celebrating MY holiday, because once upon a time it was my great,great, great, great, great, great, oh wait, not even related to that indigenous group of Pagans who may, or may not have, celebrated Yule.  It is hurtful, spiteful, arrogant, and frankly has no place in our home. And if we, as a nation, cannot be blamed for the Crusades occurring, I do not blame those who are of the Christian faith of celebrating a winter rite, no matter what it was or called, or how it is done now. The nice thing is now Christians can celebrate the birth of their saviour, and Pagans can celebrate the birth of the sun.


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