The Tenth

The tenth day brought burnt fingers.  The spiral I made from candles takes longer to light now, and the lighter is on so long that today it came apart in my hand while it was still lit.  And that would not have been bad, except that the metal parts of the lighter were still hot!  So the flame didn’t get me, but I am much more warry of what could happen if I didn’t take a break.

Inspirational message:  You show how beautiful you are in your words and actions.

Story: The Story of Father Yule  This story was really sweet and nice.

Craft: Snowflakes from felt.  While this was a great idea conceptually, it did not work out because felt is thick, and i could only fold it twice.  Then it was really hard to be precise and intricate.  So… I have something that looks like snowflakes, but would be hard to identify as such in a line up.

Candle Blessing:  Again, from Shanddarranom, we light the candles to bless our paths in life, our chance to grow and learn, the sacred cycles, our loved ones, our health, our creations, our home, where we live, what we have, and who we are.

I made an interesting discovery last night.  I have racked my brain to find good resources to do a nice ceremony for Yule everyday, however, I had difficulties in finding any internet published stories, or information.  Well, I should have looked at the books I collected during my first year of study.  I am now well-informed, and I have enough material to have a small ceremony everyday.


One thought on “The Tenth

  1. Good to know about felt and snowflakes! I love the discoveries one makes while crafting. You never know how it will turn out. Glad that you didn’t get too hurt by the hot metal. We’ve decided to only light one candle per day since having 12 lit is too perilous for us. I was thinking of getting those LED lights if I wanted a display to keep on for longer. 🙂

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