Eleventh Day has a Moral to the Story

I have had quite a bad attitude the last few days, due to PMS, and a lack of chocolate and wine. But today I have hit a mellow point, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. The real me is back.

Candle Blessing: Today we lit 11 candles to bless all our friends, our paths in life, our chance to grow and learn, the sacred cycles, our loved ones, our health, our creations, our home,  where we live, what we have, and who we are.  No burnt fingers, and a happy feeling all around.

Inspirational Message: The only thing between you and a beautiful life is your attitude.  Choose wisely.  This message worked perfectly with our story today.

Story:  Frau Holle.  This cute story was not about Yule, or Pagan related, however it had a good nexus to the Pagan Crone, and it coincided with the idea that you get rewarded for good behaviour.

Our craft today was from the trusty book we are using.  It is a gingerbread house, and we only cut out the walls to the house, and in the morning will finish it.  We will also make a rice crispy house, and eat it when we are done.

I am including a link to making a Twelve Herb Sachet for Yule for your enjoyment.  Merry Yule/Christmas!


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