Ironically, Friday the 13th Day of Yule

There have been more Friday the 13th days this year than any I can remember.


We had to come up with a new  candle blessing, and my middle child came up with remembering those who don’t have much.  I am so proud of her.  We may need to make a poster with all of the new blessings just so we remember.

Our story was from The Pagan Household, and it was a nice story.

Then we began sewing on our gingerbread house ornament, and then moved on to the (almost) real thing.

wpid-20131213_104745.jpg  That’s right, rice crispy houses.  They are awesome!

wpid-20131213_105720.jpgOne child was almost organized in her art, while some were completely messy!


And one kinda began looking like the spawn of a zombie!

wpid-20131213_110712.jpgBut I digress!


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