Fourteen Days of a Happiest Yule of the Year

Craft of the day: Today we did not get up early enough to see Santa.  We live in a densely populated area, so seeing Santa on the weekend, when (it seems like) everyone in the world is off and needing to see Santa as well is a crazy idea.  So, our plan is to see Santa on a day that everyone is at work or in public school, like on a Tuesday, at noon.  See, problem solved.

We went, instead, to Kohls to pick up some presents,  and that was fun because daughter number one is old enough to go out on her own in a store.  But… she didn’t quite get enough presents for everyone.  I am going to work with her and her siblings on how to plan and shop for presents this week.  It doesn’t really mess up our crafting plans, much.  We will get a chance to wrap presents, as I cleaned the basement to give us room to wrap and keep things secret.  The basement looks good now, less like a crazy maze of towering boxes.

Inspirational Message:  Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.  Nelson Mandela

Candle Blessing:  Because after the twelfth day there were no more days in the book we were using, I had to improvise and we have a running list of what the candle blessings are for.  The 12th is for the sacred mysteries, 13th for the poor, and today is for the environment.

Story: Meagan and the Yule Solstice  A cute tale showing a bit of how two kids are living through two religious traditions, Christian and Pagan.  I am reading many of these stories, and in the back of my mind, it is now clicking that stories are our way of teaching the younger generation of how rituals are worked, how people acted, felt, and what people struggled through.  I know you are thinking, well, no kidding!  But as I am reading the stories that are truly not Christian, I can see how some are really well-intentioned, and how there are hidden subliminal messages within the pagan stories to establish how these traditions are ok for the younger generation.

Speaking of next generation, here is a link to a Pagan and Wiccan Parenting Page for you to use for this Yule!  As of (last?) night, the 2013 Yule newsletter from Pooka Pages has been published!  I really like a lot of what they do, and I am happy to see that through thick and thin, they have been at this for years!  Congratulations to them!


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