Seventeenth Day of Yuletide Cheer

Sorry everyone.  I lost the 16th day, and posted for today, at least in the title. 🙂  Now all is changed.

With all of the progress made yesterday, our family forgot about the inspirational message of the day, but I can easily fix that in the morning.

The Candle blessing is for HOPE, love, for world peace, the environment, for the poor, the sacred mysteries, all our friends, our paths in life, our chance to grow and learn, the sacred cycles, our loved ones, our health, our creations, our home, where we live, what we have, and who we are.

Our story was a book called Bear Stays Up for Christmas.  Our kids really liked this story, and it is easy to read.  I try to find stories that are not long on words, and big in pictures (I know, how can you read this book?  Where are the pictures?).  However, on the third page I am not hoarse from reading all of the story out loud to the kids.  Right now, I have an emergent reader who is able to read some, but not many, words.  I find I take advantage of the oldest child, who is a fluent reader, to read the school books out loud to her siblings.  But today, I was the storyteller.

Our craft today was to set up the sewing for tomorrow.  I think my older child is catching on that there is preparation work to do for the really fun stuff, and she did not join her siblings in play today, instead she chose to stay with me cutting out felt.  This is our next two projects: and

After much prayer I have found that I am inspired to pursue some of my latent desires to be an artist and an author.  I call them latent because when I was a child I wanted to be both of these, but upon growing up, realized these would make life hard.  So now that I am a little more financially stable, I am able to consider what I would like to do.  Right now I am inspired to write Yule tales for my kids.  I have written one story, and I feel it is a great story, and while I am not confident enough to create the art for the story, I think I should at least take a stab at it.


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