Eighteenth Day of Yule Gets Busy

Our day has been very full today, and the only normal thing we squeezed in was our ritual for Yule.  Because we forgot yesterday’s inspirational message, we read both today.  For the 17th, the message was: Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in every day.  For today: It is easier to keep a friendship with kind words, than to try repairing one with regret.  because our kids are still at the fight with each other stage, this was easy to explain to them that if you want to keep the peace, try to bite your tongue.  Then all of the kids bit their tongue. *sigh*

Our Candle blessing is for FAMILY,  hope, love, for world peace, the environment, for the poor, the sacred mysteries, all our friends, our paths in life, our chance to grow and learn, the sacred cycles, our loved ones, our health, our creations, our home, where we live, what we have, and who we are.

Then we began sewing on our felt ornaments.  We began with the tree, http://www.pinterest.com/pin/161566705355927039/ and I am amazed at how far my children have come in their sewing skills.  I took pictures, however, I need to upload them and share tomorrow!

Now the story became interesting.  I used the book The Twelve Days of Winter and while I began threading needles for kids, I asked my oldest daughter to read it to her siblings.  Much to my surprise, she began to sing it!  As a person who has NO ability to sing, listening to someone who naturally is pitch perfect is amazing, especially if it is your own child *wink*.

Then we went to see Santa.  The first picture was the normal smiling kids, then I said “silly picture time”, and all three made a funny face!  I probably could have purchased both pictures for less, but I went all in and bought both with multiple pages.  I will be giving each child their own picture album when they leave the house, and I want pictures in it that makes their future spouse say, “honey, tell me about THAT picture!”

What kind of traditions that is out of the ordinary does your family do?