Twenty days, oh my!

Twas the day before Yule and all through the house,
Were bits of bows and wrapping paper strewn all about. 
Mom looked at the teetering stack of boxes with fear,
Hoping they wouldn’t come crashing down on a child passing near.

The altar table was a pleasant place at first,
But then crafting hands made it look like the table would burst.

But what to your astonished eyes should appear?
But three happy kids with stories so dear.
A giggle about mistletoe kissing, a lesson learned about sharing
And stories remembered about love, affection, and caring.
So while you look around in dismay,
next year you’ll remember these efforts, of love and of play.

Don’t be dissuaded from going overboard next year.
The memories you made from the activities will be the ones you hold most dear!

Happy 20th day of Yule!


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