Longest night, Yule Night

Our celebration of Yule was with another couple of families. I had no part of the planning, and my sole job was to bring a bell. I brought it, but my kids wandered away with it, and we could not find it until after the ceremony. *sigh*


The ceremony was fairly simple.

We set the circle with a chant, passed the candle flame around the room,in which each child had the chance to hold their own lit candle for the duration of the ceremony.  We invoked the quarters, and then the gods.  Each person got to write a wish for the new year on a bay leaf, and burn it.  Things got a little dicey here.  I wish i had a picture, but i had 4 taper candles in my hand as the kids handed them to me so they could write on a leaf and burn it.  Maybe next year we will have a plan so the kids could easily set down the candles and take part in the ceremony.  What I had not anticipated was the desire of my kids to fully participate.  I may need to come up with more rituals for the, to participate in.

I hope all had a wonderful Yule!  And if you are not like our family, and will celebrate it the correct way by starting yesterday, then have a wonderful 12 days of Yule!