Book Review: Wiccan Spell a Day

Wiccan Spell a Day: 365 Spells, Charms, and Potions for the Whole Year

The easy nature of this book made me feel comfortable using this book all year in 2013, and I plan to use it again for 2014.  The components to casting a circle, drawing in power, and setting intentions are straightforward.  I am a picky person, words and tones matter to me, so in reading many Wiccan/Witchcraft books I find it hard to use some of the verbage in the spells.  It doesn’t help that I get writers block as soon as I decide not to use a passage or phrase, and so it is difficult to write my own prose to replace the passage I am not comfortable with.

In the preface the author suggests how to cast a circle, and because the passages felt comfortable to me, I have adopted them for my normal drawing a circle in my casting.  Many of the spells ask for the use of candles and simple objects.  I found that reading ahead helped me in formulating a list of items I needed to acquire before the week began.  Most items are simple, candles a specific color, oils in a specific scent, flowers, herbs, tea and accoutrement, and sometimes a loved one.  Others can be out of the ordinary, such as pliers, a wire coat hanger, and straws.  I know that sounds like you just read a list of supplies for a craft project, and the spell it is for does ask you to craft a dousing rod.

Each day begins with a background paragraph of the origins of the spell or day.  Sometimes even the deity associated with the day.  The supplies are described, and then steps to the spell are listed.  It is written in the preface that before each spell is began, a circle should be cast.  However, special provisions should be made when the day has you taking a warm. cleansing bath.  Those were my favorite days, because it really gave me an excuse to shut the door and have some alone time.

To improve your experience with this book is to invest on a Book On Book by TENT. This is a clear plastic paperweight that will hold down the pages of your book while you are using it.  At this time the cost is about $65 pus shipping.  I am guessing on the price, however, because the TENT US site is sold out, and I had to go to a Japanese site, and I needed to do a conversion from Yen to US Dollar.  I invested in a recipe book holder that is clear plastic, however, turning the pages with my book holder is difficult.  Sometimes, especially while using the oils, it would be really hard to turn the page without marring the book.  When I have saved up enough money, I will buy a Book on Book.

Happy Reading!  My next book review will be on 365 Goddess: A Daily Guide to the Magic and Inspiration of the Goddess.


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