Children’s Pagan/Wiccan Books

Today I scored a minor victory with the county library.  I want to improve and expand the Juvenile 290’s section, which deals directly with religious information and spirituality for children ages 5-18.  I had found so few pagan and wiccan books in our library that it made me go on a campaign to expand that section.  There are 10 libraries, and it had 1.3 million visits and over the course of a year has had 3.7 million items borrowed.  Because there are rules stating that books that are directly donated are sent to the book sale for fundraising, and donations are spent at the discretion of the collection management team, just buying the books and giving them to the library would do me no good.  I made several suggestions in their suggestion box, but so far only 2 books were bought out of 12 suggestions over a year.  Most suggestions were rejected becuase I had asked for workbooks.  I have seen workbooks in circulation, so they do have a strict policy against having workbooks as a part of their collection, however, it seems they are not about to add more. So convincing them they need to improve a section is no easy task. So my small victory is the library directors are allowing me to donate two copies of two different books to the system. The books must be brand new, which is not a deal breaker for me.  I have so many books I think would work well in the section, however, I am not sure which ones would be classified in the specific section that needs more pagan/wiccan books, the J290’s.  Take a look at the books I am considering:

There’s a Goddess Too

An Ordinary Girl – A Magical Child

Aidan’s First Full Moon Circle

Solstice Moon Solstice Sun

Let’s Talk About Elements and The Pagan Wheel This one will probably be well suited for the section, although it is not my first choice.

Celebrating the Seasons of Life: Beltane to Mabon

Let’s Talk About Pagan Festivals

Seasons of Magic: A Girl’s Journey

Smoky and the Feast of Mabon

A Witch’s Primer: Grade: One
My first choice, as it is for a young witchling who would like to independently work, or it can be tailored for a witchling to work with an adult.

What Is Magic?  (three book series) This is my second choice as it is for the much younger aged kids, and can be a great introduction for an older child.

Let’s Talk About Rites of Passage, Deity and the Afterlife

Aisha’s Moonlit Walk: Stories And Celebrations For The Pagan Year

Mabon: Celebrating the Autumn Equinox

Autumn Equinox: The Enchantment of Mabon

Lammas: Celebrating the Fruits of the First Harvest

Celebrating the Great Mother: A Handbook of Earth-Honoring Activities for Parents and Children

The Last Wild Witch: An Eco-Fable for Kids and Other Free Spirits

Which ones do you think I should select?

Here are two books I use at home, but the library stated that workbooks won’t be accepted in donation.

The Earth Child’s Handbook – Book 1: Crafts and inspiration for the spiritual child. (Volume 1)

The Earth Child’s Handbook – Book 2: Crafts and inspiration for the spiritual child.

Have a Blessed Day!

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3 thoughts on “Children’s Pagan/Wiccan Books

  1. Of the books you’ve mentioned I’m most familiar with “The Last Wild Witch” which I would heartily recommend. I received it for Solstice in 2013 and think it would make a great addition to any library. Congratulations on the fruits of your activism! 🙂

    • The library does have that book, but it is always checked out! I have tried to be very patient, and I don’t think I am bumping heads with an anti-pagan board, just an overwhelmed one trying to keep a cap on the amount of work they have to do!

      • I hear you! Well if it’s always out then another copy is definitely needed. It also possibly shows that the need is there for more Pagan friendly children’s books. 🙂

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