Imbolc Planning 2014

Imbolc planning this year began in the very beginning of this year, when I realized that when I formulated the plan to write posts on how our family celebrated the Pagan holidays that I would need to find resources to flesh out my posts.

I had made the mistake of relying solely on internet resources to create our celebrations.  Using the internet is a good and bad way to go.  First, on topics with limited information, all you can really find is information that is copied and pasted from one original website into a dozen or so websites.  Should you want variety, or another perspective, or just more, the internet would be a limiting resource.  However, with topics that have a large amount of information, the internet can almost be overwhelming, however it solves your lack of information problem.

I feared in December that Imolc and other lesser known Pagan holidays would have a lack of information, vice a lot.  So I began researching and compiling immediately for Imbolc.

First is research, both in the digital world and the hard copy (book) world.  As I suspected, Imbolc is a holiday with limited Pagan information.  I found a wider variety of information for Candlemas, the other term for it, and the Catholic/Christian version.  I feel no reservations on using many of the ideas from the Christian sources on ways to celebrate the holiday.

Second is compiling what I liked and their sources.  I found two books that are kid friendly for Imbolc, The Earth Child’s Handbook – Book 2: Crafts and inspiration for the spiritual child.  and Let’s Talk About Elements and The Pagan Wheel.  The handbook offers more printable coloring pages, and the other book offers more stories.  Both balance each other through providing an activity and offering information in a friendly format.  I also found a few good internet resources that can be used through a 5 day period.

Third is determining which activities I will do on the first, second, third day, and so on.  Copying and pasting is such a wonderful thing, and copying the information to the page based on the day I will use it saves organizational time.

Fourth is print and make a supplies list.  Most items can be found around the house.  Milk, white cloth, white candles, etc are easy.  Finding corn husks for dolls or Brigid’s cross, a whole new ball of wax.  Note to self: save corn husks from Samhain and Thanksgiving celebrations.  I should have remembered this problem from last year, but it slipped my mind. 🙂

Last, implement and then blog about it.  I have the greatest intentions of following through with the plan I made, but until I completely experience it, there is no missing element of lessons learned, and what not to do.

What are ways you plan for a Pagan holiday?


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