Imbolc Ceremony with the kids, 2014

Our ceremony is simple and sweet.  We began two days ago.


I start out with setting up the Goddess statue, and a bit of deer horn for the God.  A seashell, polished stones, a feather and a candle round out the rest.  I made a circle of herbs, weeping willow and ash, and then make an X in the center with crushed sage and some more ash.  I put dried flowers around the circle to entice spring to come quickly: jasmine, rose, lavender, and chamomile.

wpid-wp-1391099405507.jpgEach child then chose several stones from our collection, and made wishes and intentions.  I placed obsidian on the outside edge of the circle of weeping willow and ash, and when the kids were done with their wishes, they placed their stones inside the circle.


wpid-wp-1391099551892.jpgEach child got a lavender candle and we lit them using the primary candle.  after setting the candles into the intentions circle, we then trooped outside for snow!  Once we each got a scoop of snow, we brought it to the altar, put a little bit near the candle, and then took a small piece in our hands and slowly warmed the snow until it melted in our hands.


Happy Imbolc everyone!


One thought on “Imbolc Ceremony with the kids, 2014

  1. Love the idea of holding the snow while it melts in the sacred circle! I tend to forget about using items outside of my home in ritual. This is a great reminder to be aware of nature even if you live in the city like I do! 🙂

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