Little Bug’s Wishing Spell

My son, Little Bug, has given me a taste of what I am really like over the last few weeks.  Always talking, always asking to do something really cool, right when it’s really not the time or place.  And that is just like me: oh hey!  While we are at it we can _____ right now, and then we can ____!  Dear Husband: Umm, we came here for dishwasher soap, not ingredients to ______!  If you are like me, you can easily fill in the blank with something completely cool, but no where close to getting dishwasher soap.  Right?  You get me?

I have no defense against Little Bug’s creative mojo.  None.  He wants to make cakes, and cookies, and food stuff.  With nothing more than random ingredients I have allowed him to have in that moment. But he wants more!  All The TIme.  Now I hear what you are thinking, but no, I am not being really inflexible about this. Really!  We homeschool, and I need to stick to a plan that I made several months ago.  Not that I am a real stick in the mud, but because I am the type that would say: oh yes!  let’s do that!  If I were to do that all the time, my 5th grader would never know what 2×2 is, ever.  She knows, but because I have needed to buckle down, and say no to some of the cool stuff.

Today Little Bug picked the perfect time and place.  We went to the Magick shop to say hi and he picked a bunch of ingredients for a “spell.”  I owed him for the tooth fairy anyway, so we bought everything, and when we got home, Little Bug did a wishing spell.

  1. put a lime green candle in holder.
  2. ring candle with stones, any kind
  3. put lilac essence into chalice, add spearmint herbs
  4. light candle (with mom’s help)
  5. think of wish and stir herb and essence with finger
  6. must blow out candle immediately

I have a suspicion that lighting and blowing out the candle was the coolest thing he could think of.

BTW, as a final closing out of the Imbolc ritual, I lit the candles one more time, meditated on the things I wished for, and hoped would come to pass.  I then took the herbs from the table and tossed them into the front yard as a kind of offering.  This is what I do with most herbs I use for spells.  It sends my intention outside into the wild, and the herbs are able to fertilize the earth with my intentions.


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