The Goddess Companion, Book Review

As promised, here is another book review of a book in my Pagan book collection. The Goddess Companion offers a verse, poem, meditation, or saying for everyday of the year. With it is paired a bit of history or knowledge associated with the deity, and the historical context of why it should be considered a Goddess associated verse.

For example, a verse from the Christian bible regarding Mary, or Ruth, is included.  While some historians have made it clear Mary is possibly considered divinity in some way, not much more is drawn to the other women of the bible as possibly divine as well.  The author points out that while some of the women are maybe not divine, they have the capability to bring us closer to Deity, male or female.

I find that this book is easier for me when I am doing my evening reading just before bed, and I chose to read a weeks worth of this book once a week.  It has provided me with food for thought, and some good tidbits of knowledge when I do other forms of research.


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