Ostara 2014

For my family, we are looking forward to spring.  Deep snows have taken up much of our winter days, and a part of me is thoroughly sick of deep snow.  I know spring is close, I can feel it in the ground.  I worry about the spring bulbs I have planted, and I itch to get my garden planted.  But, I must be patient.  My first step this spring was to inventory, and begin the germination of my seeds.


Peas, who will be planted first, as they love the cold, spinach, onions, tomato, eggplant, peppers, and spearmint seeds.  The spearmint may not come up, and I will probably need to start them a different way.

The kids each get their own planter box to take care of.  They are learning that the soil must warm up first.  This is usually accomplished after a week of nighttime weather over the temperature of 50F.  With the snow being so bad, this may not occur until after the first week of April.  There is another snow storm predicted for the next week, followed by a deluge of rain.  So I must be patient, or my garden boxes will be washed away.

What will you do for spring?


2 thoughts on “Ostara 2014

  1. I’ve also started thinking about Ostara and happily thinking of our ritual for it. I am planning on making eggs using Polymer clay that we can then decorate with acrylics to decorate our family altar. 🙂 I’ve been really into making sculptures lately. I also hope to bless our new Millenial Gaia statue that will hopefully have arrived by then. I have wanted this statue for 10 years and finally stopped waiting for others to gift it to me– I gifted it to myself! So excited to have her be a part of our home and sacred space.

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