Little Bug’s Love Spell

No, with the current American language shift, the connotations of a Love Spell by a very young boy is not to be construed as anything immoral.

Anyway.  As part of a class I am taking from a local shop, one of our required books is Wiccan Warrior.  Now, being part of the culture, I have seen the book pop up as a possible good read… if I buy such and such a book.  I largely ignore Some of these suggestions, especially if they do not line up with my current focus.  Well, I am now reading it as part of my homework, and I really wish I had read this book first, before all others when I began my Pagan journey.  This week the chapter includes a couple of spells with cords.  The first is a banishing spell, and the second a bring to me spell.   I immediately saw the opportunity to include my kids in the second spell.

Because brothers and sisters are antagonistic toward each other, it is hard sometimes for them to express love, or even like.  But this time, I am literally tying family affection to pagan practice, and forcing them to show it to each other.   You will need 3 ribbons, about 6″ long, and a safety pin.

wpid-20140312_102226.jpg Tie the three ribbons together, and safety pin them to your pants leg.  Adjust as needed.


And begin helping them braid the three ribbons, saying with each crossing, “I love you (insert name here)!”

Tie a knot at the end of the ribbon when done to use as a bracelet.  Gift it to the person it was intended for.wpid-20140312_102627.jpg


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