On Grieving with Kids

Over the last week we had a death in the family. My daughter’s pet parakeet passed away. My daughter is a person who feels deeply, and when she cares about something, anything that goes wrong rocks her world. With a pets passing we try to be respectful of that pet, as I want my children to learn how to properly grieve.

We held a wake for the pet within the first hour of finding her. I lit as many candles as I could find, and surrounded her parakeet, who was wrapped in a shroud, with the candles. This was a solomn event, no one made a speach about the parakeet, but we all remembered her. My daughter cried hard the whole time, and we each took a turn holding her, even her little brother and sister held their older sister while she cried. Crying has to happen, and make it’s way through you and out. We did this for an hour. Then my daughter made phone calls to her family to tell them the news. Everyone was sympathetic, and let her cry, as each new call caused her to cry all over again.

After that we took the parakeet to the pet cemetary. I had just made a new ritual candle holder, and we used it for the bird’s headstone. We burn a candle in it every night. One day we will forget, but for now we know that every so often a crying fit will occur, and we know it is about how she misses her best pet.


One thought on “On Grieving with Kids

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the death of your daughter’s parakeet. I really love the way you honored her grieving. Such a beautiful example of honoring the power of our feelings. It’s also a wise lesson on death. Thank you for sharing! Blessings!

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