Beltane Prep 2014 is Going as Planned

This Beltane has had a lot of advance planning.  I made it a goal to have eliminated most of the things I do down to the bare minimum for the summer, and in time to have a lot of fun in the sun, starting at Beltane.

Here is a list of things I had to complete:

  • Complete school: Almost a check.  Middle child has completed her 1st grade testing, oldest child has 3 more 20 minute tests, which should be a breeze.
  • Completed Project Management Professional training: Almost a check–must take test
  • Complete Co-op for the summer: Done!  Last Friday was my first Friday off in 9 months
  • Complete Witchcraft Initiate training: Done!  Level two class begins this Friday.
  • Graduate from Orange to Green belt in Tae Kwon Do: Done!  two months as a Green Belt, and then I graduate up to level 2!
  • Get my garden underway: Almost done!  I truly regret the 5 tons of dirt dumped in my driveway on Wednesday, because it takes soooo many trips with the wheel barrow to put a noticeable dint into the pile.  My lovely husband, who really wants to park in the driveway, may take care of that today.  I also have to put out seeds for the new flower beds.

Now, for the Beltane list:

  • Made Dragon Eggs:  Well, there has been a hiccup.  First, the air dry clay cracked on most of the eggs.  Then the pieces of the eggs that were added on that are lines and bubble bumps, they were really hard to paint, and then they began to fall off.  To add insult to injury, it is really hard to hand paint a round shape in one sitting without making a mess! So… we will revisit this when I am ready to keep my cool.


  • May Pole:  I have the ribbon, thanks to a Sam’s Club display of Easter ribbon.  Now I need a pole, or a really big stick!
  • Beltane Necklaces:  They are doing ok, so far.  I did not pay attention to the size of the hole the beads had, so some beads have teansy, weansy holes, which are not good for threading ribbon through.  Some beads really needed very fine ware, and ribbon, HAH, would never go through the hole.  I am experimenting with the middle pendant.  I have some flat 1/2″ by 3/4″ plates that have inspirational messages on them, and the kids are choosing their favorite rock from my collection, and I am epoxy glueing them to the message plate.  One side will have the stone, and the other an inspirational message.  Whether the glueing will work, or not, remains to be seen.
  • Flower wreaths: Started, and I have to get on that sooner rather than later.  Maybe I will work on them tomorrow when I promised to babysit 6 kids for a friend.  The kids won’t kill each other, I hope!

And while we are on the topic of crafting, Have you thanked your local craftsman today?  Let me put it this way…have you ever looked at something and said, oh, I could do that–and then completely fail at it?  Get your hands up–yes, you!  I have said that for quite some time, and each time, I have had my be-hind handed to me!  If it takes more than just stringing beads on a thread, I can guarantee you that you had better do your research!  I have only now gotten to the point of cautiously saying, “well, let me look it up before I spend $150 on material only to let it get dusty because I cannot get past the first step!”  Seriously!  Next time you want to try a craft, think about what it would take to be on the receiving end of a birthing mother, and then tell me how you did your research!  And now back to your regularly scheduled post.

What are your plans for Beltane 2014?



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