My First Pagan Gathering

I went to my first Pagan Gathering this year, and it was fun.  There were really nice people, henna, and group rituals.  The few that I participated in are your very run of the mill large group gatherings, and it was really fun to see who came, how the ritual was done, and how long can I keep a 5, 7 and 10 year old from getting too tired and complaining.  No biggie.

The ritual that moved me the most was the Warriors Ritual.  This is for the Veterans and those currently in the service.  Anyone was welcome, and there were some very interesting results.  First, the rain held off until we officially closed the circle.  It threatened, and threatened, so we did the ritual, and then it POURED!  Second, throughout the whole ceremony a dragonfly joined us, and sat on each of us, on the POW table, and on the altar.  We all had an excuse to have a leaky face, because it was like he was saying everything would be ok.  Yes, I had a leaky face first, what of it? The ritual was led by the Circle Sanctuary Military Ministry Team, who gave me the Pagan Military Service Ribbon, which I now wear with a great deal of pride. 🙂


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