In Which I Feel I am Forgetting Something

I feel that I am about to forget about Litha this year, especially since I am not feeling good about keeping track of the six weeks between the Pagan holidays as I should. But I am going to give myself a bit of slack, because blogging is pretty new to me, and I have to carve time out of my life to do it. Here are some things that I have been up to this week:

Clearing and cleaning the school room:

The kids are done with school this year!  During testing I hosted a cartooning class in the school room for those kids who are interested, and when those three weeks were done, the room was, well, a disaster.  But, because it is already messy, I went ahead and messed it up some more, by pulling out every single thing out of every drawer and book shelf, rearranged the furniture and rugs, and I am now trying to put it all back together again.  A little voice in the back of my head keeps asking, what if this is like Humpty Dumpty, AND THERE IS NO BACK TOGETHER AGAIN??!!  I have all summer long, over 100 days, to put that room back to rights, so I hope I can make it pretty again in time for September…

Taking Witchcraft classes:

I have mentioned taking my first Witchcraft class a while ago, and I feel that it was very enlightening.  I had reached the limit to all the reading I could have done in a year, and it was time to move on beyond reading into practical experience.  Nothing can take the place of actual hands on, and in this arena, I am super cautious about who I get the information from, especially if it is crystal clear there is a bias.  But I am very fortunate to live very close to a shop that provides classes that align with my worldview of inclusiveness for all paths, pagan, wiccan, druid, and beyond.  Fortunately, they also offer the ability to be a part of the class via a webcam if you live beyond a resonable driving distance. You can find the wonderful class I mentioned here.

Writing in my diary:

I have wanted to do this forever.  Fortunately I am taking a class that makes me track the moon cycle, and how I am feeling, or things I notice.  Because I feel the need to expand and explain beyond just assigning a number to how I feel, I am taking the advantage of just writing it down as well as tracking it.  So far I have completed a couple of weeks of this, with no slowing in sight.

Yard work… Sigh:

OK, as a back story, I am passionate about growing vegitables, and making my yard pretty with a sensible landscaping design.  However, confession time, I have not been able to successfully grow diddly squat in the last 5 years of trying.  So I am really trying this year to make it work.  I have done everything right, with no good results, so this year I have merging hard work with A LOT of wishful thinking.  So… back to the accomplishments.  I ordered 5 tons of topsoil, which is over 100 wheelbarrows full of dirt, and put them all over the yard to grow grass, and made a lot of new flowerbeds.  It took 3 weeks to put all of those wheelbarrows where I wanted them.  Then, I unsuccessfully installed rain barrels.  Then I killed the weed eater, and fixed it, the lawn mower, and bought a new one, and finally installed the rain barrels in correctly.  I can tell you what, I will have sunflowers this year, and that is about it.  Goddess, I hope not!

And lastly, catching up with friends:

We did not do many fun or regular playdates because I had to make headway into the school year.  Of course, to do that and work full time, I could not meet with friends hardly at all, and let the kids play.  But we are making up for it now, and doing up to 3 playdates a week!  The best fun was during strawberry picking, and the kids found Bugitah (Bogata) and Juicitah (almost like Utah).  I made strawberry jam with only honey and pectin, and it is soo wonderful!! I used low sugar pectin, and it worked like a charm!


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