I began National Novel Writing Month!

This is my second attempt to do National Novel Writing Month, which for me, is a really hard thing to do because I do not write for fun or for a living!  But I like to do random things that are out of my norm, and I would love to increase and improve the content of the blog, and improve my writing skills.  Normally I write what I think, and I have found my thoughts are fairly disjointed.  The Samhain 2014 post was rewritten twice because after reading it through and editing twice, it was clear I needed more than just a rough draft, rewrite, final draft help.  I needed practice.  I would love to be as clear and concise as Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, who is the Yarn Harlot.  Now there is a lady who could be a professional writer on any topic, and at the moment is a professional knitter who writes about knitting.  The other person I love is The Bloggess.  She not only writes well, but has some of the best ideas!  I want ideas like that to stem from me!

So I am in day 3 of NaNoWriMo–as the coined nickname is for this endeavor, and i am off to an ok start.  I counted the Samhain blog post. But that was not enough words, so I used a trick suggested by the NaNoWriMo contributors, to pick a picture, and just type.  I found a lovely picture of a Kwan Yin statue under water as a part of an underwater garden.  I think the hope is to get wildlife to grow on her in order to reconstruct coral reefs.  And while looking at the picture I felt inspired to write a poem to her, pouring out my thoughts.  There was a lot of fast and furious typing, and most of it did not make sense!  But for me, it really doesn’t matter.

The second attempt became very disjointed.  I typed to see if I could randomly type without needing to have a purpose to see if I could crank out the average number a day, if I didn’t take a day off this month, 1,667. I definitely had to use some of the inspirational pictures I saved at Pinterest.  And I realized there were two things that could really fill my time.  I could write letters to my kids all month, so they had them for when they were grown up.

The third day of writing had inspiration from a wholly different source, my kids who I would love to lecture everyday!  That’s right!  In my head during a day when the kids are being difficult, I make up these moral stories that I would one day tell to my kids, and they would see how their grumping negatively impacts the family.  So I started off typing, and you know what?  I actually got 1,900 words out of that story!  I feel fantastic!  and it took me less than an hour to do!

I don;t think I would post any of the stories I make up on this blog, because the point is to improve, not to inundate everyone with the random things floating in my head, but if there is something really juicy that I manage to bang out, I will definitely share it!


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