Divination, Part 1 (NaNoWriMo Series, 2015)

Essentially divination is a way for the human plane to contact a spirit plane and request information. The results are channeled in the form of specific cards showing up, runes cast in specific locations, etc. The receiver of the reading wants the message, but the reader is the person making contact with the spirit plane and being their tool for the drawing of the cards, etc.

There are many different methods of divining an answer to a question. Tarot cards and reading them is a system of setting a certain number of cards down in a specific pattern and based on the location and card, has a specific meaning. There are 72 cards, and each card has a specific meaning. There is a significant amount of symbolism contained within the pictures of each card. Many are often quite pretty, but the nice thing is, the meanings of each card is almost universally recognized by those who read cards for people. If you hadn’t noticed, I keep using the phrase some, not all, and just being all around vague as to who and how many believe in the statement I am about to make. But I digress. Tarot is not the only form of divination, although it is quite popular. Another form of divination is rune casting. A set of symbols in old Norse alphabet is inscribed on stones, wood, or any solid object that is drawn from a bag, or cast upon the ground. Like tarot, each symbol has a specific definition. Details are a little fuzzier as to the exact origins of this method. Another divination form is astrology. Well, rather the location of specific planetary objects as they align within this galaxy, and each planet is given a specific energy influence on the personality of a person when they are born, or have a specific energy influence on the population each day. More to follow on this topic. Crystal ball gazing, aura reading, tea leaf in a cup reading, palmistry, dowsing, etc, are all forms of divination.

I find that there is a unique paradox between those who profess being Christian, yet request divination readings, namely in the form of tarot card readings. Yet it happens.

Tarot cards are my personal favorite, as there is no discrepancy as to the expected meaning of the card. And I have had some amazing accuracy in being the reader, and being the receiver. I enjoy discourse with an Atheist friend, and while we were discussing a reading I had done for myself, he wanted to know if there were any other situations to which the meanings of the cards could apply to? I agree that there is a 100% chance that that can be the case. I have also done readings for this Atheist friend, and he decides often not to tell me what his chosen question is. And in those readings there are sometimes the most unexpected answer. He has outright laughed at me twice, and then had to take back and eat those words with humble pie as a side. Could the reader give you a reading that may not apply ever? Absolutely. As with all divination, the response is a snapshot in time for that moment with the present conditions and circumstances being taken into account (by the spirit world). Often times the response is given in the form of life advice. Who doesn’t like to receive advice on how to emotionally mature or manage a situation? Probably teens and young adults. Should you receive that message and change how you act or respond with that information in mind, then the answer is likely going to change. Should you go back and ask again and again? Probably not. I say this because you can drive the spirits nuts, and they will give you the middle finger, and you can drive yourself nuts. Another friend of mine observed that the reason why someone who is not usually friendly toward divination will get a reading because they are desperate. I make the same observation for the increase in lottery sales. Psychic readings are the one industry that booms during a depression phase in the economy. It is a sign that there is extreme discomfort in the present circumstances of that person, and a little bit of hopelessness as well, because not all people can leave their circumstances whenever they want to and walk away.


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