Mid Point Update (NaNoWriMo Series, 2015)

How am I doing?? well this weekend I am going to exercise some self discipline and make it half way to the finish line!  I have to make twenty five thousand words by the end of the weekend, or I feel that I will just give up and never finish!  SO here is my pep talk… mrhaohahy, whoenrafdj, rwherjhaoifdj!  What is this, you ask?  Well it’s wookie.  Can’t you read wookie?  No!!  well damn, that’s a shame!  All I said was mrporporpomrrmrpo mrporep mporepom.  WHAT, you don’t speak Mermaid either? Well, damn, what do you speak?  What do you do to expand your horizons and get different points of view?  where did your inspiration come from?  How often have you had to explain your book to a stranger and have inspiration thrill your bones and make your fingers itch to get back to the keyboard and type?

Did I just inspire you?  Go out, and explain to the first random stranger our idea. See what question they have, and if they have any need for further explanations, there you go, you have a gap and hole in your story, and you need to build it back up.  That does not mean editing. Goddess no, no editing.  I am actually fearing December because of that! But add paragraphs to your story to explain those holes!  put them into a document for later, for the editing process that are good backups for that editing process that needs some oomph!

I hear yah, I can hear every one of you saying that you had a drive this early in the game, and now that you have exhausted your fingers and your drive, what do you have to write for now?  probably still a lot, believe it or not!  Maybe you need to go out to a place that had inspired you, and solicit the advice of those who gave you a character idea, and instead of having multiple flat characters, you have a few more dynamic individuals that add richness to your plot line.  Or, if you are like me, and writing nonfiction, at this time you need to agitate the system, and get more information and research. Or you need to speak with clergy members that will allow you to incorporate their point of view that gives a deeper richness to your work.  For myself, I have exhausted more of my enthusiasm than I care to have used up. At this time I now have to dig deeper and get some motivation somewhere and get to cracking!


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